Meet our CEOP Ambassador:

Mr C Appleby (Assistant Headteacher )

I completed my Child Exploitation and Online Protection training in November 2019, and now, as our CEOP Ambassador I have access to a wide range of knowledge, information, resources and training courses to help our young people understand how to keep themselves safe from exploitation and harm in the real world and online.

A key part of my role as CEOP Ambassador is stay up-to-date with CEOP news and safeguarding industry developments, and very importantly to keep up to date with the online safeguarding challenges that exist for children and young people today. I then share this information and resources made available to me through ThinkUKnow and CEOP with my colleagues, parents/carers and students within the Walker Community.

My sole aim as CEOP Ambassador is to ensure that we provide an outstanding standard of support and advice for our children on how to keep safe from exploitation and harm online. This is achieved by delivering key information in assemblies, our SMSC curriculum and in our everyday pastoral care. Parents and carers are also able to meet directly with me should they have any concerns or wish to enquire further about this subject.

As a father myself, I see online safeguarding as one of the biggest challenges that parents/carers face today, especially due to the multitude of risks online – from cyberbullying and depression fuelled by social media to unplanned contact, grooming and manipulation. As a result, I have a real passion to protect children against harm, abuse and exploitation, by empowering young people and their parents with the knowledge they need to become active guardians of their own safety and wellbeing.

I recommend the online links below for further information, updates and advice on all matters to do with safeguarding online and protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation.


Guidance published by Newcastle City Council to support digital safety.

Site which allows you report any concerns about online abuse and receive support from experienced child protection advisors.

For advice on how to keep your child safe on specific online games/programs they may be accessing.

Advice on a variety of online related issues you/ your child may be experiencing.

A collaboration between Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP, providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.