At Walker Riverside Academy equality and opportunity are championed and encouraged whenever possible. Every member of staff will promote these values throughout every aspect of Academy life. We have an incredible pastoral care system which supports students in fulfilling their opportunities whilst also ensuring their safeguarding is of the utmost priority. All students at Walker are treated equally and we have robust and established systems in place to ensure these principles are upheld. At Walker, we pride ourselves in the quality of our pastoral care, ensuring our students flourish during their time here.

For more details about how we approach equality and how we ensure that we continually strive for equality throughout our Academy and our wider community, please view our Equality Policy and Equality Action Plan by selecting the appropriate title below:

Equality Policy WRA

Equality Action Plan WRA

As Walker Riverside Academy are now part of Tyne Coast Academy Trust, we also abide by the Trust policy on Equality and Diversity. Select the icon to view our Trust policy.

TCAT Equality ad Diversity link