Tyne Coast Academy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust which is sponsored by Tyne Coast College; a large, general further education college comprising of South Tyneside College, Tyne Metropolitan College and Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College.

Its aim is to support schools and colleges across the region who have joined together because they share a collective vision for excellence in education at all ages. The Multi Academy Trust believes children and other young people within its communities deserve outstanding academic and vocational opportunities and experiences from the moment they begin their educational journey to becoming successful people, able to lead happy, fulfilling and productive lives. It believes in building on solid foundations to provide an excellent education. Students come from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds, and the trust is committed to helping them to achieve their maximum potential, whatever their starting point.

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TCAT Schools

The Academy Trust is comprised of:

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Ridgeway Primary Academy
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Link to Ridgeway Primary Academy website

Ridgeway Primary Academy aims to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in which children can achieve their full potential. They are proud of their improved Ofsted rating of 'Good', which they achieved in November 2016, which subsequently led to them being named the country's most improved mainstream primary for progress in writing at the end of Key Stage 2 - and the thirteenth most improved in reading, writing and maths combined.

The Academy Trust was initially born when South Tyneside College became the schools sponsor, a school which was statistically the worst performing in South Tyneside for 20 years. The success of the Academy Trusts' sponsorship has truly seen the school's complete turn around to the triumphant Academy it is today.

North East Futures UTC
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link to North East Futures UTC website

North East Futures UTC (University Technical College) is different from other schools because it has unique support and backing from local, high profile industry partners and employers. They have been involved in the establishment of the UTC from the start and are helping develop and support our curriculum. The UTC is sponsored by the University of Sunderland and has academic partnerships with all 5 North East Universities, who help make sure that they really can offer students the best of both worlds: technical and academic.

This means students can take advantage of the UTC’s specialist subjects while still taking the GCSEs and A-levels, like other students would do at an ‘ordinary’ school. UTCs are for students aged 14 to 19. This is the age when students will have a better idea of what they are really interested in and know whether they would enjoy learning in a more high-tech environment.

The North East has huge skills shortages in Health Sciences and Digital Technology industries; two of the fastest growing in the region. The UTC aims to help young people gain the correct skills and qualifications to thrive in these industries and help to grow the North East economy.

Walker Riverside Academy is a part of Tyne Coast Academy Trust which is registered in England & Wales, Company number 08313162.

Registered office: Tyne Coast College, St. Georges Avenue, South Shields, Tyne And Wear, England, NE34 6ET