Public consultation on changes to admissions arrangements for 2021-22

Walker Riverside Academy (WRA) recently consulted on a proposal to change the admissions arrangements for students entering the school in Year 7 in 2021-22.

WRA was required to consult on the Admissions Policy, having not consulted for the previous seven academic years.

The consultation period commenced on 13.09.19 and concluded at Midnight on 31.01.20.

The local trustees of Walker Riverside Academy only consulted on admission arrangements for entry into Year 7 at Walker Riverside Academy from September of 2021 for 2021/22 Academic Year and each year thereafter. They did not consult on the Pupil Admission Number (PAN) and so this will remain at 220 places.

A note of consultation was shared with Newcastle City Council for wider consultation through their community communications and notification has also been posted in local press.

Please click on the relevant titles below to view specific details of the consultation.

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