There has been lots of uncertainty around how your grades will be awarded in August following 5 years of work in secondary school but we are determined to award our students the grades that best fit prepare them for their future.

If you have any concerns regarding this year's examinations please contact our Exams Officer at exams@walker.academy.


A-Level and BTEC Level 3: 10 August 2021

GCSE and BTEC Level 2: 12 August 2021


As part of a student's centre assessed grades, some subjects will use results from mini-assessments to hep determine appropriate grades.

These mini-assessments will begin in the week beginning 19, April.

Please note;

  • The mini assessments are not a replacement for GCSE examinations.

  • The mini assessments only cover the content that has been delivered by our teachers during the GCSE years and they do not cover anything that has not been taught on the course.

  • The mini assessments are not the only thing being considered as part of the grading process; they will help to confirm things we already know from many other sources.

As mini-assessments are scheduled to begin in the week we return to the Academy following our Easter holidays (w.b 19, April), we suggest that students may wish to revise and prepare themselves over their end of term break.

We have prepared a guide showing the list of topics that will be covered in each of the mini-assessments, in each subject, to help you focus your revision.

This guide also shows the assessment timetable for the three weeks following the students' return to the Academy.

Click HERE to view the booklet, of click the image →


"The government has said that many exams and assessments cannot be held fairly this year as a result of the disruption students have faced due to the pandemic. Your teachers will instead submit grades to the exam boards, based on their assessment of what you have shown you know and can do, enabling you to progress to the next stage of your education, training, or employment. This guide outlines the arrangements in place for awarding grades in summer 2021, and where you can go for additional information."

Click HERE to view the booklet, of click the image →

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