At Walker Riverside Academy we continually strive to safeguard our students from being drawn into terrorism or any type of exploitation. We therefore work closely our local police and safeguarding organisations.

  • Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Peter Robson (Assistant Headteacher)

Reporting Concerns?

Please raise any safeguarding concerns you have about our Academy by contacting our Safeguarding lead, Mr Peter Robson, directly at the Academy.

You can report these concerns through:

  • Completing our Safeguarding Concerns form found HERE.

  • Contacting the Academy Reception on 0191 295 8660


As part of the Tyne Coast Academy Trust, here at Walker Riverside Academy we adhere to both trust wide policy and our own internal safeguarding policy. We also adhere to Department for Education/ .Gov policy.

All of our policies are available to view on our POLICIES page, but for your convenience, we have linked to our specific safeguarding policies below.


Online safety is of paramount importance; especially as our students have been required to spend time learning online.

Within the Academy, we have robust safeguarding guidance to ensure students remain safe whilst online.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection

Our CEOP Ambassador within the Academy is Mr Craig Appleby.

  • Visit our CEOP page HERE for more information and parental support.

  • Our Online Safety policy can be viewed within the policy section above.

  • You can report online bullying by completing the form found HERE .


Select each title for more details of each specific safeguarding initiative:

Radicalisation - Details on the Prevent Duty and how to raise concern if you believe a child is developing extremist views

County Lines - Northumbria Police - Guidance if you are concerned a child is being used to transport drugs across the UK

Operation Encompass - Guidance on the support for children and domestic abuse

CEOP Support - (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Further guidance for parents and students