Following instruction from the Department for Education, from Monday 29th November;

All students and staff within the Academy are now required to wear face masks when in communal areas of the Academy.



Thank you to all of our students who continue to take their lateral flow tests twice a week; it is definitely helping to reduce the spread within our community.

Can we stress the importance of calling the Academy STRAIGHT AWAY should your child have a positive LFD test or develop symptoms. Please DO NOT WAIT until you receive the results of your follow-up PCR.

If you need to report a positive LFD test during school hours, call the Academy Reception (0191 295 8660) or your child's School Tutors. If it is out of hours, please email or contact 0796 777 2559.

It is important that children isolate following a positive LFD and not wait until they receive a positive PCR.

Please also remember that LFD tests are only effective for asymptomatic cases and will often not pick up the infection unless there is a high viral load. They are not a replacement for a PCR test and are not as accurate so please do not rely solely on them to diagnose a case.



My CHILD has a positive lateral flow result

  • Inform the Academy of the positive result

  • Isolate and book a PCR test

  • Inform the Academy of the result of the PCR test.

  • Return to the Academy on the date advised.

We have a positive lateral flow result WITHIN THE HOUSEHOLD

  • Book a PCR test for that individual as soon as possible

  • Your whole household should isolate until you receive the result

  • Inform the Academy of your child's absence

  • Your child can return to the Academy following the negative PCR result / a 10 day isolation period (with no symptoms)/ 10 days after developing their own symptoms and having a confirmatory PCR test.

* Regardless of vaccination status, if you are identified as a close-contact of someone who has the Omicron variant of Covid-19 you are required to isolate for 10 days.



If your child is entitled to a free school meal and are required to self-isolate in line with Government regulations, you MUST complete the form found HERE.

Please complete the form for each child in your household who is entitled and self-isolating.


Students will be expected to continue to learn at home and continue to make progress as they would if they were able to attend the Academy.

If your child is required to isolate but well enough to continue learning, they are expected to complete the work set/ follow live lessons, as directed by their teachers. View our guide below for an over-view of home learning. You can also download this HERE.

You can also find support information on our ISOLATION BLENDED LEARNING (LEARNING FROM HOME) page.