Walker Riverside Academy has put a great effort to make certain none of our children will lose out on education, whilst they can't be in school.

We have spent a great effort carefully putting together the two booklets below to allow students to keep learning at an appropriate pace and to ensure they are fully prepared when we are cleared to reopen the Academy.

We thank everyone for their support and cooperation at this time.

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► Or visit students.walker.academy


All students who were able to attend the Academy on Friday 20/03/20 will have received a paper version of the booklet that corresponds to their year group.

If your child was not able to attend on Friday, you can access the appropriate booklet by clicking on the pages below.

Please read through the guide with your children so you can support them where you can.

Students are encouraged to interact with their teachers using their Walker email address.

Teachers' Emails

It is very important that you stay in contact with your teachers throughout our school closure.

In case you are unsure of your teachers' email addresses, contact the Head of Department for that subject and ask them for your teacher's email address. Head of Department emails are available below.

Head of Department email addresses:

New Resources

Click on the subject below to open up the drop-down menu and view any new resources your teachers have collated:

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection):

  • All of your assignments are available in your Google Classroom and on the CEOP page, which you can access HERE.