UPDATE 27/03/20:

We are currently still waiting on Government information regarding the Free School Meal Voucher Scheme.

Please be reassured that as soon as we are updated by the DfE we will implement their guidance and inform you.

We believe it is important to wait for their guidance, rather than to implement our own voucher scheme, to ensure:

      • You receive the full value of any voucher scheme introduced by the Government (which could be more than we can offer);
      • Their scheme will account for any restrictions they may implement going forward that we could not account for.

Current Arrangements:

If you require a free school meal (to be provided in the form of a 'packed lunch') please contact the Academy by 10:00 each day so we can arrange to have your choices available for collection.

Collection times:

Where possible we ask you to collect your lunches from the Academy:

      • Years 7/8 students can collect from 12:00,
      • Years 9/10/11/12/13 from 12:30-13:00.

Be aware of email scams:

Please DO NOT respond and DELETE any emails asking for your bank details to reimburse you for Free School Meals.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academy directly. We will also keep you updated here.