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Get paid + get qualifications + get work experience

It's time to look at the options that an apprenticeship could offer you as an alternative to University. An apprenticeship could be the best way to gain experience and qualifications, all while earning a wage. Higher and degree apprenticeships give you the chance to gain a bachelor's or even a master's degree - and your employer will pay the tuition fees.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training - which means you'll get paid and work towards relevant qualifications as well.

There are 4 types of apprenticeships:

    1. Intermediate: Same as 5 GCSEs.

    2. Advanced: Same as to 2 A-levels.

    3. Higher: Same as a higher education (university-level) qualification.

    4. Degree: All degree apprentices study for a bachelor's or master's degree.

Why do one?

An apprenticeship is a fast-track route into your chosen career - no tuition fees, no waiting around before you start work: just training in a paid job from day 1. If you have some idea of what you want to do in your career, you should see if there's an apprenticeship available in that career path.

What jobs can I qualify for?

You could train to be a solicitor, engineer, journalist, pharmacist or a graphic designer - and that's just for starters. Have a look at our guides to see other career paths you could begin with an apprenticeship.

Higher / degree apprenticeships vs uni

Higher apprenticeships include any kind of higher education qualification - from a foundation degree to a master's. Degree apprentices always work towards a bachelor's or master's degree. Qualifications are always relevant to your job.

Apprenticeships aren't better for everyone. If you want to study an academic subject like English or history, there won't be an apprenticeship for you. Similarly, if you're drawn to the more scholarly aspects of your subject, university may be a better choice.

Have a look at the Success at School guide to choosing between uni and an apprenticeship, and supporting video guides.

How do I apply?

To find apprenticeships:

Make sure you get the most from your apprenticeship by checking it offers a recognised qualification and various other benefits before you apply. Have a look at Success at School's guide for what to look out for and check out their article on succeeding in apprenticeship interviews.

Which apprenticeship?

The BBC Teach website has a selection of videos which give you a great insight into different apprenticeships.

Nurse? Engineer? Hairdresser? Plumber? Chef? View their 'Apprentice ... for a day' videos HERE.

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