What is this award?

Mr Foster has achieved 'eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher' status through the successful completion of five courses that require dedication, imagination and the creativity of already highly qualified teachers.

Not only has Mr Foster achieved this outstanding achievement that makes our Academy a eduCCate Global Climate Change Learning Centre of Excellence, it allows him the opportunity to mentor other schools in our community in re-shaping their curriculum to give their students the knowledge and understanding our WRA students will now receive.

Why is it important?

Climate change, and its effect, is a huge topic at the moment.

We are all aware that we need to make changes to our lives to both protect our environment now and secure it for future generations, but do we know what we can do as individuals?

Through achieving this qualification, Mr Foster is able to support the delivery of the very best Climate Curriculum to our young people, giving them the opportunity to learn more about:

    • adaptation,

    • mitigation,

    • sustainability,

    • disaster risk strategy,

    • green economy, and

    • all aspects of climate change.

What does it mean for our students?

One of the underlying principles of our new curriculum is making our students 'Globally Aware'. With his new qualification, Mr Foster is in the very best position to support the implementation of this across our whole Academy curriculum.

This achievement also gives our staff and students access to a variety of new online resources, designed to help them think about their impact on the environment and planet as a whole.

It will also mean our 'Green Team' students will have the very best support in their pursuit of making WRA a registered Eco School. We will keep you updated on their progress.

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