We have dedicated a lot of time to ensuring that our Academy curriculum is well suited to meeting the needs of all of our learners and that they have access to quality resources available allowing them to take ownership of their own learning.

Below you will find detailed information about the curriculum studied within each faculty across the Academy in the form of:

  • Subject Policy - Some areas of the curriculum have specific policies that apply to their subjects; and

  • Knowledge Organisers - Learning resources, designed from each subject's Scheme of Learning, created to support students' understanding.

Art and Design

► Art and Design Knowledge Organisers

Business Industry Faculty

► BIF Knowledge Organisers


► Communications Knowledge Organisers

Essential Vocabulary:

Yr 8 - Essential Vocabulary


  • Click HERE to be directed to our Reading Knowledge Organisers page, where you will find each KO and the corresponding online resources.

Yr 7 - Illegal

Yr 8 - No Ballet Shoes in Syria

Yr 9 - Billy Elliot

Yr 10 - The Poet X

Combined Cadet Force

► CCF Knowledge Organisers

► CCF Curriculum Policies


► English Knowledge Organisers

Year 7:

Yr 7 - Change and Responsibility (Autumn A)

Yr 7 - Local Heroes and Idols

Yr 7 - Novel Study: 'BONE TALK' (Spring)

Yr 7 - Myths and Legends (Summer A)

Year 8:

Yr 8 - Conflict (Autumn A)

Yr 8 - Persuasive Voices (Autumn B)

Yr 8 - Salt to the Sea (Spring A)

Yr 8 - Merchant of Venice (Summer A)

Yr 8 - Dystopian Futures (Summer B)

Year 9:

Yr 9 - Macbeth (Autumn A+B)

Yr 9 - Of Mice and Men (Spring A + B)

Yr 9 - Disturbed Voices (Summer A)

Yr 9 - Jekyll and Hyde (Summer B)

Year 10:

Yr 10 - An Inspector Calls (Autumn)

Yr 10 - Power and Conflict Poetry (Spring A+B)

Yr 10 - Romeo and Juliet (Summer A+B)

Year 11:

Yr 11 - A Christmas Carol (Autumn A+B)

Yr 11 - Romeo and Juliet (Autumn A)

Essential Vocabulary

► Essential Vocabulary Knowledge Organisers


► Reading Knowledge Organisers

Year 7:

Yr 7 - Newcastle - My City (Autumn A)

View our READING KNOWLEDGE ORGANISERS and supporting resources HERE


► Geography Knowledge Organisers



Modern Foreign Languages

► MFL Knowledge Organisers


Yr 7 - French (Autumn)

Yr 7 - French (Spring)

Yr 8 - French (Autumn)

Yr 8 - French (Spring)

Yr 9 French (Autumn A)

Yr 9 - French (Autumn B)


Yr 9 - Spanish (Autumn)

Yr 9 - Spanish (Spring)


Relationship, Sex and Health Education/ PSHE

► RSHE/ PSHE Curriculum Policies

→ Relationship, Sex and Health Education Policy

→ PSHE Policy