Below, please find the curriculum Knowledge Organisers for of each of our Key Stage 3 subjects. To view, click on the relevant course title and then select the title of the topic you wish to view.

If you wish to receive any extra information regarding the curriculum studied by our students, please contact the Academy directly using the details found HERE.



Modern Foreign Languages

Year 7

Yr 7 FRENCH (Spring)

Yr 7 FRENCH (Autumn)

Year 8

Yr 8 FRENCH (Spring)

Yr 8 FRENCH (Autumn)

Year 9


Yr 9 FRENCH (Autumn B)

Yr 9 FRENCH (Autumn A)


Yr 9 SPANISH (Spring)

Yr 9 SPANISH (Autumn)

Art and Design

Careers (CEIAG)

Year 7

Year 7 - CAREERS (updated Spring)

Year 8

Year 8 - CAREERS (updated Spring)

Year 9

Year 9 - CAREERS