Our current Year 9 students will be selecting their KS4 option subjects in May 2020 for courses starting in September 2020.

All students will receive a new curriculum guide containing details of each subject available to them for study and will be invited to discuss their options on WEDNESDAY 6 MAY.

Here at Walker Riverside Academy we offer a range of subjects that students can study at Key Stage 4. We recognise that all students are individual and therefore we strive to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our students make their KS4 curriculum choices during the spring of Year 9; a change to the previous academic year. This is because we believe our KS4 curriculum is better suited to Years 10 and 11, and our students will benefit from studying our new approach to the KS3 curriculum over their first three years with us.

Below are the latest Options booklets received by our students, when our current Year 10 students selected their options in Year 8. There were three pathway options available. Click each cover below to view an example of how our Options system works and the offer that was available. Please note that subjects change year on year depending on the needs of our learners, staffing availability and timetabling.

Purple Pathway options booklet 2018
Orange Pathway options booklet 2018
Green Pathway options booklet 2018
KS$ Curriculum statement

Our Key stage 4 curriculum is currently being updated and will appear here shortly.

Our KS4 curriculum is under review alongside our new KS3 curriculum offer. This document outlines the KS4 offer for those students who chose options in Year 9 and who are now in Year 10.

Click to download our KS4 curriculum statement

KS4 subjects 2018-19

(Click on each subject to view the current complete curriculum for each subject, including the programme of study for KS4. For the specifics of each KS4 course please refer to the Options booklet above.)

The subjects below are currently being studied within Academy. The choice of subjects and nature of each qualifications available changes yearly. For this reason, some subjects will not be studied by every year group.