The Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Intent at our Academy has been designed in consultation with all staff and students. The following attributes were unanimously identified as being essential to develop in our young people to enable them to lead a full and fruitful life.

We feel it is important for our young people to learn about their local context in order to unlock their understanding of national and international issues.

Our Academy curriculum at Key Stage 3 prepares young people who are:

Self Aware curriculum intent logo
Culturally aware curriculum intent logo
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We started the review process for our curriculum on the research in curriculum shared by Ofsted in December 2018.

As a result, our new KS3 Curriculum is based on a Plan, Deliver & Review cycle.

We took our last training day in 2019/20 on Monday July 5th 2019 to finalise plans for our new Key Stage 3 Curriculum ahead of the new academic year. This formed the basis for our Curriculum Statement which we have added to as our Plan, Deliver & Review cycle has progressed.

In 2019/20 we have structured our school calendar to effectively review our new curriculum at three points throughout the year.

Friday 29th November 2019 - Curriculum Review Day. Review & Evaluate Term 1 and Plan for Term 2. - KS3 Curriculum Review Document - November

Monday 23rd March 2020 - Curriculum Review Day 2. Review & Evaluate Term 2 and Plan for Term 3 - KS3 Curriculum Review Evaluation - March

Monday 29th June - Curriculum Review Day. Review & Evaluate Terms 1-3 & amend Plans for 2020/21


Key Stage 3 Curriculum Statement

Including our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Strategies.

*Updated March 2020


Key Stage 4 Curriculum Statement

*This document is currently being updated.