"Children and young people across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds will be among those hardest hit. The aggregate impact of lost time in education will be substantial, and the scale of our response must match the scale of the challenge.


The government has announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up. This includes a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time."; July 20

The Government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to support them to catch up lost learning due to the extended closure of schools.

Schools are to use this funding for specific activities to support their students to catch up for lost teaching.

The funding is due to be given to schools in three tranches; Autumn 2020, Early 2021 and Summer 2021.

The fundamental principle within the Catch Up Plan for Walker Riverside Academy is that there is an entitlement for ALL students that need it, to have access to Catch Up activities/programmes.

You can view Walker Riverside Academy's Covid Catch-Up Funding Strategy Statement by selecting the document below.


Walker Riverside Academy offered a 4 day Summer School at the end of the 6 week holidays from Tuesday 31st August until Friday 3rd September. The purpose of running the Summer School was to give students the opportunity to have a ’head start’ and to be ready, prepared and confident in advance of starting the new term.

We offered a bespoke package that aimed to cater to vulnerable learners that were most likely to be impacted negatively by the pandemic. As such, Walker offered places to 68 students and a total of 48 students attended Summer School. Based on the actual attendance of incoming Y7 students, Walker received a funding allocation of £6411.67.

As part of our Summer School we offered transitional activities (such as meeting teachers and tours of the school), additional subject support (including English, literacy/reading and maths), sports-based activities, wellbeing-based activities (such as team building and ‘getting-to-know-you’ exercises) as well as other enrichment/pastoral activities including assemblies, ‘Q&A’ sessions and CCF team building activities.

We staffed Summer School using lower-school teaching staff, pastoral staff, learning support assistants and a member of our Senior Leadership team. These staff were chosen specifically as they will be some of the key staff that Y7 students will be working closely with over the coming two years in Lower School. The total cost for staff to lead, support and resource these enrichment, educational and transition activities amounted to £4917.67.

To assist with any hardships that local families may have experienced as a result of the pandemic, Walker also provided a full and comprehensive meal offer to all students who attended Summer School including a full breakfast, break and lunch. The total cost for all catering expenses totaled £1344.

At the end of the week, we celebrated the achievement and attendance of the students with a rewards afternoon, where individual students received a ‘graduation certificate’, prizes and an in-house cinema afternoon with snacks and beverages. This activity amounted to £150.