Performance Analysis

What can your child expect?

Video Feedback

Throughout the year, our Performance Analysis team will visit your child’s school to record various training sessions, as well as school fixtures (where possible). The players will then review the footage in a classroom environment where the member of staff will talk them through the positives of their performance and highlight any areas that could be improved. Such sessions would be of great benefit if your child were to progress into an academy or professional environment, as this kind of feedback would be in-keeping with how club’s try to develop their own squad members.

Player Tek Analysis

The Analysis team will visit the school and allow access to Improtech Soccer’s Player Tek vests during training and games. These record a number of aspects of your child’s physical performance, such as total distance covered in a session and top speed. The data will then be given to the players so that they can review their own performance and compare the results to that of their teammates. This will be reviewed at various intervals of the season, to see if any significant progress has been made within the group. A number of academies and professional clubs use these vests for the same purpose, so getting a handle of the results should give your child a great head start.

Fitness Testing

Analysis Staff and Coaches will run fitness testing with each group at various intervals during the year. Not only will your child be able to compare themselves against the national averages, they will be able to monitor their progress throughout the season, in order to track their physical development.

Player Report

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