Walker Riverside Academy is proud to announce details of its primary/secondary transition programme.

The Academy continues to be oversubscribed in Year 7 and we gain our intake from six main feeder schools, plus approximately 20 additional primary schools within the local area. We believe that a strong transition programme based on excellent communication with all relevant stakeholders, (primary schools, parents, students) is essential if students are to enter our Academy fully prepared, happy and ready for a successful start to life in secondary school.

The 2021 transition programme is led by Mr Appleby, Associate Assistant Head Teacher.

If your child has any additional needs or you are particularly concerned about how they may cope with the transition process, please do get in touch. using the details below:

    • Telephone number: 0191 295 8660

    • Email address: (Transition Lead)

    • SEND Department: (SENDCO)



Before the evening (approximately by Thursday 17th June) you will receive a letter containing details regarding:

    • which School (Dobson, Grainger or Stephenson) your child will become part of;

    • your child's new Form Class;

    • further details what will form our Virtual Information Evening;

    • your child's unique identifying number. Please keep this safe as you will need it to complete our online registration forms.

    • a Welcome to Walker Riverside Academy booklet containing further details about the Academy.

On the evening there will a number of resources. These will include:

  • keynotes from both the Headteacher, as well as your child's Head of Year and Form Tutors;

  • details of how to order the correct size and items of uniform for your child from our uniform supplier Emblematic;

  • an online registration form.

On the evening, select the appropriate School below to access the information specific to your child:

Dobson school logo
Grainger school logo
Stephenson school logo

This registration form must be completed as soon as possible after the Information Evening. It contains important details about the Academy, asks you to agree/disagree to certain permissions and provides guidance on SEND and Medical Needs support.

*UPDATE: 15.06.21

Due to the current rise in new cases as a result in the new ‘Delta’ variant, and the uncertainty of the government’s response moving into the Summer, the dates and details below may need to change to ensure the safety of our WRA community.

We will continue to notify you of any changes via our website and social media accounts.

VISITS TO PRIMARY SCHOOLS - 7th June 2021 to 12th July

The Pastoral Team at Walker Riverside Academy will arrange to visit the primary schools during this 6-week period. This will give students a chance to meet with pastoral staff and some of our current Year 7 students to ask any questions they may have about their transition and journey to secondary school.

During this period, we will also be asking our SEND department, Curriculum Leaders, Literacy Coordinator, Attendance and Welfare Officers and Safeguarding Lead to visit our primary colleagues so that we can begin to build a comprehensive overview of students who may need further assistance with their transition to secondary school. This will be in addition to individual 'pen portraits' that are provided to us by every Year 6 teacher for every single student.

If this is not possible due to restrictions, then alternative virtual opportunities will be arranged to ensure that we build a clear picture on each child before they arrive in September.

YEAR 6 TASTER DAYS @WRA - Wednesday 21st July and Thursday 22nd July 2021

On Wednesday 21st July and Thursday 22nd July, all students who are joining Walker will be invited to attend a two day programme of activities designed to support with their transition and to help alleviate any concerns/anxieties.

Students will have the opportunity to visit school to take part in a carousel of lessons and experience the various subject departments. There will be a variety of exciting activities and lessons planned throughout both days and we also aim to present and show our school ethos, culture and secondary climate; so they know exactly what is expected when they arrive in Year 7.

SUMMER SCHOOL - w/b Monday 30th August 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will also be running a Summer School for Year 6 from Monday 30th August 2021 for a week where students will have the opportunity to visit each faculty in school and take part in fun activities and challenges, whilst getting to know other students before joining our school community in September.

Whilst we will not reject any request for a place in our Summer School, we anticipate catering for a smaller provision that aims to support the needs of our most vulnerable learners. Please look out for booking information in the near future on our website and complete the form should you feel your child would benefit from this offer.