A warm welcome to Walker Riverside Academy.

Usually at this time of year we would be excitedly preparing to welcome our prospective new students to come and visit our Academy and see first-hand the impressive opportunities available to them as a member of our WRA community. Unfortunately, circumstances this year mean that we have to do things a little differently to ensure we continue to keep safe, so this year we are introducing you to WRA virtually.

Scroll through our range of resources below, designed to give you an insight into what it would mean to be part of our Walker Riverside Academy.

Make sure to befriend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep checking back here as over the next few weeks we will add more resources in response to the questions you have asked.

We firmly believe that you/your child have the right to receive an education that:

► allows them to thrive,

makes them feel valued for their individuality

► is designed to help them achieve their very best, and

► prepares them to be valuable members of society.

View our guide that explains exactly why Walker Riverside Academy can offer you/your child a unique education. →

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Virtual tour

Come and take a look around Walker Riverside and learn what makes our Academy well suited to providing you/your child with a uniquely designed education.

Your questions answered

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Sign up today!

** Deadline: Saturday 31st October 2020 , 12:00**

We anticipate that we will have a full cohort by the time the deadline closes on Halloween.

Please do not miss out and make sure you complete your application BEFORE this date.

► Click HERE to be re-directed to the Newcastle City Council page to complete your application.

► Our Admissions Policy for September 2021 can be viewed HERE.

Coming soon...

► Learn more about our curriculum departments.

  • Meet our teachers, learn more about their curriculum and see their learning environments.